Zoroastrianism Baby Names

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Boy Names Leon Name meaning Lion
Boy Names Aardburzin The name is the shortened form of Adarburzinmeher and means fire of exaltation. It's also name of son of hero Framroz.
Boy Names Abadun The one who is subordinated as a servant or slave to God.
Boy Names Abarja Something that is extremely strenuous.
Boy Names Abtum The creator of plentiful waters.
Boy Names Adarbad Protector of fire. It's also the name of a saint.
Boy Names Adarfiroz Fire of victory in Zoroastrian religion.
Boy Names Adarfra The fire of glory in Zoroastrian religion.
Boy Names Adargushnasp It is the fire dedicated to a war stallion. It's also an emblem of military strength.
Boy Names Adarhoshang The fire of knowledge and intelligence.

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