Spanish Baby Names

Popular Spanish names include Mateo (meaning "gift of God") and Isabel (meaning "consecrated to God"). Find our full list of Spanish names for your little one.

Baby Names Adriana From hadria
Boy Names Alejandro guardian of mankind
Boy Names Alessandro Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name Alexander
Boy Names Alma Soul
Girl Names Alondra It is the meaning of a bird. A short form for the name "Alejandra." The Spanish word 'alondra' also takes the meaning, "Lark."
Girl Names Ana Gracious and satisfying
Girl Names Anahi Uncertain; One form of word for maize in Carib
Boy Names Andres A born warrior who is manly and brave
Boy Names Bautista Dipping in water; name for a bapist
Boy Names Benicio Benevolent One

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