Names That Starts With R

Girl Names Raaka Full moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant Moon
Boy Names Raakaa The Full Moon Night; Serene, Luminant and Beautiful night of full moon; A variant of Raka which means Full Moon day in Sanskrit
Girl Names Raakel Finnish name meaning ewe
Boy Names Raakesh Lord of the night; Lord of the full moon night; A variant of Rakesh which means Lord of Full Moon Day in Sanskrit
Girl Names Raakhi Symbol Of Protection; Destroyer of Evil; Protector; Destroyer of Demons
Boy Names Raakin A respectful one
Boy Names Raam Pleasing; Charming; All-embracing Absolute Brahman; A name to the ultimately formless (advita); An Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Boy Names Raamaanuj Younger brother of Rama; One of many names referring to Lakshmana
Boy Names Raamdatt Gift of Rama; Blessing of Ram; Lord Rama or God, Supreme spirit; Charming

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