Names That Starts With O

Names that start with O means ordinary, odd, original, etc. Popular names starting with O are Olivia, Oliver, Owen, Omar, Oscar, and others. Take a look at all names that begin with O.

Boy Names Oberon The soul or the purest blood out of the heart.
Boy Names Obimnaetochukwu My heart praises God
Boy Names Olan Very long lasting, not easily destroyed.
Baby Names Olayinka Wealth surrounds me
Boy Names Oliver The one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.
Boy Names Olivers From Germanic Alfarr, it means Elf Warrior
Girl Names Olivia The one who is closer to olive tree.
Boy Names Olowin West
Girl Names Olympias Belongs to the home of Gods
Boy Names Omacatl The double-gendered deity, a creator god

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