Names That Starts With L

Popular names that start with L include Liam (meaning "strong-willed warrior"), Logan (meaning "small hollow"), and Lily (a symbol of purity). Check our full list of names that start with L.

Girl Names Lacey The name derives from French Normandian Town
Girl Names Lakeisha Lakeisha means Joyful
Girl Names Lan From Chinesee orchide and mountain mist
Boy Names Landon Man from the long mountain
Girl Names Lara A famous person who is notable to many
Girl Names Laura Person crowned with laurels
Boy Names Lautaro Swift hawk, daring
Girl Names Layla Nigh time in Arabic. Layla and Qays are a popular romatic stroy in Persia and Arabia
Boy Names Lazarus Biblical name, means God's assistance
Girl Names Leah Weary, tired person

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