Baby Names That Mean Unique

The most popular unique girl names and boy names are here. Browse through the list to choose a unique name for your newborn.

Girl Names Aino Finnish - The only one; Unique
Boy Names Apara Matchless; Unique; One who is exclusive and has no equivalent
Girl Names Juliana it means downy bearded person or young. They are blessed with a lot of blessings and are organized type of persons. They are unique, inspire and abundant.
Boy Names Aadvay Unique; unparalleled; exclusive; having no like or equal
Girl Names Aadvika one who is unique in all aspects
Boy Names Aarnik being one of a kind or unique
Boy Names Aatulaya Unique, the one who can't be compared or incomparable
Boy Names Abadiya Name of a famous author known for his unique style
Boy Names Abdul maajid A unique personality who seve slave of brilliance and noble
Boy Names Abdul waahid A servant of the God or unique one

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