Baby Names That Mean Honour

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Girl Names Aabharana aabharna signifies valuables, jewels, ornaments, it also has a meaning as the person who brings prosperity, happiness and honour
Boy Names Guneet One who is Meritorious for his Virtues, righteousness, Honour, Good characteristics and great qualities
Boy Names Abdul haseeb A great servant of respected and honoured
Boy Names Abdul majeed As al-Majeed is one of Allah's name which means servant of honourable and gracious
Boy Names Abdul muizz A servant of honourer, respected and dignified
Boy Names Abdul rasheed Follower who supports honourable trainer or coach
Boy Names Abdulbarr Slave to righteous or honourable or good one
Boy Names Abdulmu'izz One who serves honourable and praiseworthy
Boy Names Abdulrafi Slave of the most glorify or honourable people
Boy Names Abdurrashid Serves the one who is honourable teacher

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