Baby Girl Names 2020

You can browse girl names that are cute, beautiful, or cool, and search girl names by origin, by theme, or by the first letter. Here is a list of top 1,000 baby girl names that may inspire you.

Girl Names Aabharana aabharna signifies valuables, jewels, ornaments, it also has a meaning as the person who brings prosperity, happiness and honour
Girl Names Aadhya aadhya means the The first power, the Beginning, it is also an another name of Goddess Durga
Girl Names Aadrita Lots of Love Gathering; adorable; Charming; very likable for attractiveness
Girl Names Aaoka the one shining brightly and having a great lustre
Girl Names Aatmaja a Daughter of the soul, daughter
Girl Names Aayat Miracle or signs of the divine
Girl Names Abigail Father in rejoicing
Girl Names Abiona One who is born during a journey
Girl Names Adela A short form of adelaide
Girl Names Adele A short form of adelaide

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