Baby Names 2020

Eager to search a popular name for your baby while enjoying the triumph of being parents? TheBabyNames provides a list of popular boy names and girl names in 2020 with name meanings, origins and religions.

Baby Names Ajayi Born face-down
Boy Names Ako Tired, Weary
Girl Names Akumjeli I will enjoy that wealth
Girl Names Akwaugo My precious daughter
Boy Names Alan Handsome; one who is like a stone; noble
Girl Names Alaya Arabic - High Status; Exalted; Sublime; Superb; Extremely Beautiful;
Boy Names Alban White or man from Alba; from ancient Latin city
Girl Names Aleena Variation of Alina which means Bright and Beautiful
Boy Names Alejandro guardian of mankind
Boy Names Aleksandr Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name Alexander

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